Application Server in Busy Status and Processes in Error State After Updating SAML Key File

Published: 23 Apr 2021
Last Modified Date: 06 May 2021


After updating key file for SAML configuration, Application Server went into a "busy" mode and the rest were in an error state. 


  • Tableau Server 
  • Amazon Linux 2


  1.  Generate a key file that matches up with the certificate file
  2. Ensure that all the key and certificate files are saved and organized in the same folder. 
  3. Upload the new key file through TSM GUI
  4. Re-exchange XML files between Tableau Server and IdP
  5. Click 'Save pending changes' > Click 'Pending Changes' on top of the page > Click 'Apply changes and Restart'


Mismatch between the certificate and key file.
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