API Server Stopped When Restoring Tableau Server

Published: 07 Nov 2015
Last Modified Date: 23 Jun 2016


When restoring Tableau Server from a backup or after an upgrade, the API server might be stopped. Restarting Tableau Server does not resolve the issue. 


  • Tableau Server 9.1.1 and later
  • Windows Server 2012


Reinstall Tableau Server.

Step 1: Temporarily disable User Account Control (UAC)

  1. On the computer running Tableau Server, click the Windows button, and then click on the Control Panel button.
  2. Navigate to User Accounts and select Change User Account Control settings.
  3. Make a note of the settings, and then adjust the slider to Never Notify and click OK.
  4. Restart computer if prompted.

Step 2: Reinstall Tableau Server

  1. Create a backup of the Tableau Server content. For additional information, see Back Up the Tableau DataNote: The backup file should be saved to a location that will not be affected by the uninstall process.
  2. Uninstall Tableau Server and reinstall Tableau Server.
  3. Restore the Tableau Server backup. For additional information, see Restore from a Backup.

Step 3: Restore UAC settings

Restore the UAC back to the original settings and restart the computer.


A necessary system folder is missing or corrupted. Specifically, the z5 folder from the following location: "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<server version>\wgserver\z5"
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