Apache Zookeeper-Default node accessible without ACL

Published: 07 May 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Qualys security scanning software flagged Zookeeper on Tableau Server as having vulnerability QID-38780 - "Apache Zookeeper Common/Default Nodes Accessible Without ACL".


  • Tableau Server 2020.2 and older.
  • Windows Server 


In order to secure Tableau Server internal communications between nodes in a cluster, the cluster must be protected from external traffic using network security such as a firewall.

Tableau Server does not authenticate a new Zookeeper node when it joins a quorum, so Zookeeper ports need to be in the set of ports that are protected from external communication. The documents linked below address the hardening and configuration of those ports:

Tableau Server-Security Hardening:

Tableau Server-Ports:


The Qualys vulnerability scanner flagged ZooKeeper on a Tableau Server node as "accessible without ACL".  This is remedied by ensuring that the ZooKeeper ports are not accessible from computers that are not part of the Tableau Server cluster.
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