Animations Not Displaying Correctly: Mark Animations Vibrate or Jump Suddenly

Published: 14 Feb 2020
Last Modified Date: 04 Mar 2020


Animations are new to Tableau 2020.1 and a few irregular behaviors may be observed:

Individual marks appear to vibrate.
This is more likely to happen with bars and shape marks, where individual pixels occasionally will jump back and forth as they move in a certain direction, instead of uniformly moving. Or they might appear to vibrate in place. 
When maps animate, marks may become dots.
Framing may jump on visualizations published to the web. If trying to resize a viz, the whole viz may appear to instantly jump to the new size instead of smoothly animating from the old size to the new size.

Marks jump
If you have many different sub-panes (small multiples) or multiple dimensions creating a large sectioned grid, and that grid is sparsely populated, then some filtering actions will result in marks appearing to jump from one section to the next instead of smoothly moving.

Animations do not play when server rendering occurs.
A user may experience both client and server rendering in the same session. Animations might render, then not, then perhaps render again. Mobile devices may more easily trigger this behavior.


  • Tableau Desktop 2020.1
  • Tableau Server 2020.1
  • Tableau Online 2020.1
  • Tableau Mobile


These are known issues that are being corrected in upcoming releases.

Awareness of the fact, that these behaviors are cosmetic and do not indicate that something is wrong with a visualization or its underlying data. For information about the Server-rendering limitations, see Tableau Online Help: Unsupported browsers and features.



Unstable pixels in the displays.
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