All Web Page Elements Do Not Display in Dashboard Web Object

Published: 06 Oct 2015
Last Modified Date: 02 Mar 2021


When you view a webpage in the webpage object in Tableau Desktop, some elements of the webpage might be missing. 

Web-hosted PDFs might fail to load inside the web zone. 


Tableau Desktop


Option 1: Publish the view

Publish the view to Tableau Server. If the workbook is shared on Tableau Server, the dashboard web object becomes an iframe in browser, and the browser will handle the rendering. For example, if you open the Tableau Server page with Google Chrome, then Chrome will render the embedded web page as well, and the page will display correctly. 


Option 2: Use PDF Viewer

If you are attempting to load a web-hosted PDF in the web object in Tableau Desktop, then wrap the original URL in a PDF viewer URL. PDF viewers can be configured to be embedded. For example, Google's PDF viewer link is:{original URL}&embedded=true

Tableau cannot guarantee the functionality of third party tools like Google's PDF viewer.


Tableau Desktop uses QT WebEngine to show pages on the dashboard web objects.
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