All Product Keys Disappear When One Key Reached EXPIRATION Date and Tableau Server Computer Is Shut Down

Published: 23 Mar 2022
Last Modified Date: 25 Mar 2022


This issue happens on Tableau Server with Server ATR and multiple licenses activated.
If the machine is shut down and one of the licenses reached its Expiration date during the shut down period, all licenses may disappear after the user starts Tableau Server later.


  • Tableau Server


If a license is approaching its expiration date and a computer shut down is planned, follow the following steps before shutting down the computer.

1. Run the following command to confirm "TTL end" date for each license.
atrdiag -product "Tableau Server"
2. If all TTL end dates have the same expiration date, follow the Tableau Help documentation to remove the product key from the Server ATR.

 Tableau Server 2021.3 and Earlier

 Remove product keys that were activated using Server ATR 

 Tableau Server 2021.4 and Later

 Remove product keys that were activated using Server ATR
3. Run the following command to confirm the "TTL end" is updated.
atrdiag -product "Tableau Server"


This behavior is by design.

After activating multiple licenses, ATR lease ends at the earliest date between ATR duration and EXPIRATION date of each license. To keep the ATR lease active, the following processes should keep running:

 ・Administration Controller, also called the TSM Controller
 ・Activation Service

All licenses may be deactivated if these processes were not running on the ATR lease end date.
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