Alignment of Text Does Not Work as Expected When Words Wrap With Leading White Spaces

Published: 07 Jan 2022
Last Modified Date: 08 Jan 2022


On Tableau Server, aliases may get wrapped. In cases where there are many leading or trailing white spaces, these white spaces do not get trimmed and can make the alignment look incorrect. In Tableau Desktop these spaces get trimmed, so the alignment looks proper.

For example, one might have a column header "office supplies               furniture", with left alignment set.

In Tableau Desktop, the column header would appear as

"office supplies

But once the workbook gets published to Tableau Server, the column header would appear as

"office supplies



  • Tableau Server 2021.3


A permanent solution will be released in a future version of Tableau Server.

Meanwhile the following workarounds are available:

Option 1:
Force server-side rendering on a load by load basis by adding ?:render=false

Option 2:
Disable client-side rendering entirely on the server. See: Disable client-side rendering 


Known issue: 1326892
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