After Upgrading to Tableau Server 2021.3.6 Authenticated Active Directory Users See 404 Error If the Contents Only Allow Guest Access

Published: 15 Mar 2022
Last Modified Date: 26 Mar 2022


After upgrading to Tableau Server 2021.3.6, when authenticated Active Directory users navigate to views only allowing guest access, a HTTP 404 error is returned.

However in Tableau Server 2020.3.3, the authenticated Active Directory users can access the view successfully.

This issue happens when:

  • The permission is denied for authenticated user and allowed for guest user.
  • Active Directory is used as user store.


    • Tableau Server 2021.3.6


    Option 1

    Upgrade Tableau Server to 2021.3.8 or later version.

    Option 2

    If you cannot upgrade, try this workaround:
    1. Sign-out of Tableau Server or close the browser.
    2. Access the URL of the view.


    Possibly changes introduced in 2020.3.4-2021.3.6 caused the issue.
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