After The First Node Fails, The HA Cluster May Stop Working

Published: 15 Jul 2021
Last Modified Date: 19 Jul 2021


Even when configured with redundant processes, Tableau Server HA Cluster may not continue to function after the initial node fails.
The following issues may occur:

  • Error "Tableau Server is unlicensed. For help, contact your Tableau Server Administrator." occurs, or no response when trying to Sign In to Tableau Server.
  • Tableau Server became extremely slow or unstable.

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  • Tableau Server


If the initial node is unable to run again, please follow the Recover from an Initial Node Failure to move key TSM processes to another node in the cluster as soon as possible.


Making the processes redundant with additional nodes doesn't guarantee that Tableau Server will continue to run after the initial node fails. For more information see If an initial node fails.

Additional Information

As the best practice, please make sure that the following configurations are met. Please note that there is no guarantee that this configuration will avoid issues, but it is a good idea to set it up for the best results.
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