After Tableau Server Offline Activation TSM Opens the Registration Page

Published: 05 Sep 2023
Last Modified Date: 08 Sep 2023


After applying offline activation, when logging in to TSM, a prompt to complete and submit the registration data may appear and it will look like an initial installation experience.

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  • Tableau Server 2021+


Please enter all the required registration fields and click Register.


This is expected behavior.  After activating a new product key, the registration may be submitted again.

Additional Information

Sometimes after activation the registration page will be considered null. In the Tabadmincontroller logs we can see below the error:
2023-05-11 11:38:53.993 +0200  qtp1117953660-82 : INFO  com.tableausoftware.config.ServiceRegistrationInfoFile - No registration file found at C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\config\tabadmincontroller_0.20214.21.1228.1015\service_registration_info.json

Offline Activation When Installing Tableau Server

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