After Importing A Site, Permissions On The Child Project's Content May Be Locked To The Parent Project

Published: 20 Jul 2021
Last Modified Date: 21 Jul 2021


If the permissions of a child project's contents are set to "Locked" -> "Apply to nested projects", after exporting and importing the site,  the permissions will  be changed to "Locked to parent project <parent project name>"
This does not match the permissions that the user was able to edit in the project from which the site was imported.
As a result, in the new site, users will not be able to edit the content permissions of the child project. Note that in this scenario, the parent permissions are always unlocked.

Before importing:
User-added image

After importing:
User-added image


  • Tableau Server


Workaround 1:
Create a new "Customizable" parent project, then move the child project to the new parent project.

Workaround 2:
Before exporting the site, change the permission of the child project's contents to "Customizable".

Workaround 3:
If possible, reset the permissions of the parent project by setting it to "Customizable", then "Lock" -> "Apply to nested projects", and then set it to "Customizable" again. 
Note this may not be a good workaround as it will change the permissions of the child project's contents.



This is a known issue that is under investigation and being addressed by the Tableau development team.
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