After Copying Non-English TrueType Fonts (.ttf) To Path /usr/share/fonts, Tableau Font May Be Changed To Truetype During Server-Side Rendering

Published: 15 May 2021
Last Modified Date: 17 May 2021


After copying non-English TrueType fonts (.ttf) to path /usr/share/fonts (e.g. Japanese), unexpected fonts may be used by server-side rendering regardless of the default font(s) used in Tableau Desktop.


  • Linux
  • Tableau Server


Workaround 1
Use a "web-safe" fonts for proper server-side rendering. For more details see Use Custom Fonts. Noto CJK Sans is a safe choice for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Workaround 2
Increase the complexity threshold for Web Browsers to use client-side rendering when accessing the Vizs. For more details see Configure Client-Side Rendering.
Note: this is not effective for server-side rendering processes, such as subscriptions and export PDFs.

Workaround 3
Run Tableau Server on Windows Server.


Depending on the font, the default Tableau Font may not include code points for non-English fonts, such as TrueType Japanese. If the font does not contain the required code points, the Linux OS will search for the appropriate font as the "best" font based on its .conf file when rendering the text on the server-side.
This is not a Tableau Server issue. The behavior is not controlled by Tableau Server.
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