After Connecting to Presto, the Schemas Are Not Shown in the [Data Source] Tab

Published: 09 Jun 2021
Last Modified Date: 16 Jun 2021


When connecting to Presto, the Schema list is not displayed even after clicking the search icon.
An error may occur after loading the Schema list for minutes.


  • Tableau Desktop 2020.3, 2020.4, 2021.1
  • Presto


Below are potential workarounds by using the ODBC driver.

Option 1

Install and use the latest version of Tableau Desktop 2020.2


Option 2

1. Install the ODBC driver of Presto. Please download the driver from the below link.
2. Remove the JDBC driver file from [C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers] folder.
This will let Tableau Desktop use the ODBC driver instead of JDBC driver with Tableau Desktop 2021.1


This issue is still under investigation.

Additional Information

As of Tableau Desktop 2020.3, the Presto connector is JDBC-based.

This issue occurs only when the JDBC driver is used, but not when the ODBC driver is used with Tableau Desktop 2020.2 or older.
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