After Adding Parameters to a Published Data Source some pre-existing Parameters are Replaced

Published: 17 Aug 2017
Last Modified Date: 11 May 2020


After adding parameters to a published data source, some pre-existing workbook-only parameter references are being replaced or broken.

If the parameters were saved only in the workbook and used in calculated fields, then the references in those calculated fields will be replaced with references to a different calculated field. Dragging an affected parameter into a new calculated field will add a different parameter in the calculated field. New parameters created in an affected workbook may also experience the issue.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Published data sources


To fix affected workbooks, copy and paste all worksheets into a new workbook. Please note: 
  • Any parameters that were not included in the published data source will be lost and must be re-created.
    • To reduce work, you may choose to add "1" onto the end of the original parameter name, rather than editing all calculations to reference the correct parameters.
  • Calculated fields, which used to reference affected parameters, will now reference a non-existant copy of the parameter.
    • For example, if the original parameter was called "Parameter A", calculated fields will now reference "Parameter A 1".


The parameters in the workbook and in the published data source are each independently given ID values that Tableau uses to track the parameter even if the displayed name is changed. This issue occurs when the parameters in the published data source are given the same ID values as the parameters added to the workbook.

Additional Information

To avoid this issue, either do not create parameters in workbooks connected to a published data source, or do not add parameters to published data sources.

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