AdWords data is missing in a Google Analytics connection

Published: 15 Aug 2016
Last Modified Date: 20 Sep 2019


AdWords data shows zeroes when connecting to Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics metrics "Clicks" and "Costs" (which relate to AdWords performance) are missing/not populating. 


Tableau Desktop


To resolve the issue please try the following: 
  1. Make 100% sure that the email used to sign in to Google Analytics is an admin email of BOTH the Google Analytics account and the AdWords account linked to Google Analytics. There may be limitations for API calls made from accounts which are not AdWords account admins. 
  2. In Tableau Desktop make another connection to Google Analytics, but this time select a small number of measures related to AdWords only (such as "Clicks", "Cost", "Date", for example - nothing else). Test if this connections returns any results. 
  3. Test the dimensions/measures combination in Query Explorer, Google's own tool for testing API calls: (Please see if the tool returns any AdWords data.)


Normally, this issue occurs because of one or both below reasons:
  • The combination of Google Analytics dimensions and measures, which is sent from Tableau Desktop to Google Analytics servers in an API call for data, includes some measures and dimensions that are incompatible.  
  • Lack of administrator privileges to get AdWords data (The Google Analytics admin must also be the AdWords admin in order to properly import AdWords data into Google Analytics).
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