Admin Views Not Loading After Upgrading To Tableau Server 2020.4

Published: 04 Jan 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


After upgrading to Tableau Server 2020.4 or later on Linux, accessing administrative views fail with the error below:

Unable to proceed because of an error from the data source.
Unable to connect to the Postgresql server "localhost". Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'tuples' of undefined.

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Tabprotosrv logs will include the following:

"excp-error-code":"0x0E9BCD3C","excp-source":"System","excp-status-code":"UNKNOWN"},"v":"Error starting Java Protocol Server, process exited. Exit code: 1. Exit status: 0. Error code: 5. Check /var/opt/tableau/tableau_server/data/tabsvc/logs/vizqlserver/stdout_jprotocolserver_vizqlserver_1-0.txt for details."


  • Tableau Server 2020.4 and later
  • PostgreSQL version 12
  • Linux


  • Remove the old ODBC driver using the Linux distribution package manager. The file was called tableau-postgresql-odbc and is likely on the server if the user upgraded.
  • Manually download the appropriate jar file (postgresql-42.2.18.jar) from
  • Copy the jar file in /opt/tableau/tableau_driver/jdbc
  • Restart Tableau Server


Since different Linux distributions (e.g., Ubuntu, Red Hat) require different steps for installing the necessary PostgreSQL driver that is needed for the Tableau Server Administrative views to load, it is expected that the Tableau Server administrator will ensure the proper driver installation for the given operating system. 

Additional Information

You can run cat /etc/odbc.ini  to see if the old odbc driver has been removed from the Operating System.

You can list installed packages in Debian with sudo apt list --installed

To fully remove the ODBC driver from the package manager in debian or ubuntu you may need to use the --purge flag
dpkg –purge is used to remove the package binaries and the configuration files.
$ dpkg --purge package_name

You can also test not removing the ODBC driver, especially if planning to use the PostgreSQL ODBC driver for another data connection.
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