Add to Pivot Option Missing After Upgrading Workbook With Pivot

Published: 24 Jan 2017
Last Modified Date: 25 Nov 2019


When opening workbook pivoted in Tableau Desktop 9.3 with 10.0.5, Add to pivot option is missing.


  • Tableau Desktop 10
  • Windows 7
  • Excel


Remove and then recreate the pivot.
  1. Open the affected workbook in the newer version of Tableau Desktop.
  2. Right-click one of the pivot fields and select Remove pivot.
    The fields from the pivot will remain selected.
  3. Ctrl-click on any fields to be added to the pivot, so that they are added to the selection.
  4. Right-click one of the fields and select Pivot.
The new pivot will allow the Add to pivot option.


Changes and improvements to the function of Pivot and other data prep features caused some incompatibility with pivots created in older versions.
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