Action Filters do not recognize manual sorts

Published: 11 Oct 2018
Last Modified Date: 19 Oct 2020


When using an Action Filter in a Dashboard, the filter ignores the manual sort applied to the dimension in default properties.


  • Tableau Desktop 


Follow the below workaround steps to apply the manual sort to the Action Filter:

1. After creating the action filter, navigate to the sheet the filter is based on
2. Under Sets in the Data Pane, right-click and select Show Hidden Fields
3. A new set will appear, grayed out, as "Action (<field name>)". Right-click this set and select Unhide
4. Right-click the set again and select Default Properties > Sort
5. Apply the desired sort and select OK


When an Action Filter is created, Tableau Desktop creates a hidden set called "Action (<field name>)", which the action filter is based on, rather than the original field. The new hidden set has its own default sort which will need to be edited in Default Properties.
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