Ability To Show Tooltip Only On Click And Not On Hover

Published: 10 Mar 2022
Last Modified Date: 12 Mar 2022


Cannot show Tooltip visualization only on click and not on hover.


  • Tableau Desktop


Step 1
Creating the graph to be displayed in tooltips.
1. Connect to Sample Superstore.
2. Create a new sheet named 'Drill Down'.
3. Drag Sub-Category to Rows and Sales to Text.

Step 2
Creating the main graph.
 4. Create a new sheet named 'Main Sheet'.
 5. Drag Sales to Columns and Category to Rows.
 6. Click on Tooltip > Insert >  Sheets > Drill Down > OK

     User-added image
 7. Create new Calculated Field as following.
       Name : ON
       Calculation : 1
 8. Create new Calculated Field as following.
       Name : OFF
       Calculation : 0
 9.  Drag ON and OFF to Detail > Right clicking > Change both to Attribute.
10. Create new Parameter as following. 

      User-added image
11. Create new Calculated Field as following.
       Name : ON / OFF
       Calculation : IF [ON / OFF] = 1
                            THEN TRUE
                            ELSE FALSE
12. Move to Sheet -Drill Down > drag ON / OFF to Filter pane and check 'TRUE' .

Step 3
Creating the Dashboard and Parameter Actions.

13. Create new Dashboard and drag sheet -Main Sheet to view.
14. In toolbar Dashboard > Actions > Add Action > Change Parameter > Create 2 parameter actions as following.
      Parameter Action 1
      User-added image
    Parameter Action 2
      User-added image

When hovering

User-added image

When Clicking
User-added image


The ability to show Tooltip only on click and not on hover is currently not built into Tableau Desktop.
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