A Looping Error Causes Tableau Server to Become Unresponsive And Generates a Large Amount of Log Files

Published: 02 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 18 Nov 2016


The Data Server would sometimes get into an infinite error loop state, resulting in very large log files and potential server unresponsiveness. These large logs files can exceed 30GB per file and exhaust available drive space. The displayed messages occur in very rapid loops (multiple times per second):
"Skipping connection to server localhost, will reconnect when needed."
"Skipping connection, will reconnect when needed."
"TryAddProtocol: attempt to reuse existing connection after exception "

Additionally, the following information may appear in the logs:
TryAddProtocol: attempt to reuse existing connection after exception LayeredProtocol::FileChannel::LayeredProtocol: Missing database


Tableau Server 10.0


A specific return type is not being interpreted as unrecoverable, and further attempts are made to reconnect.

Additional Information

The process creating the large log file may be terminated to halt the current loop.  
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