Unable To Connect To Statistical Files If The File Path Contains Non-Unicode Character

Published: 03 Jun 2020
Last Modified Date: 15 Jul 2020


When connecting to statistical files with Tableau Desktop 2020.1 and above, the following error occurs if the file path contains non-Unicode (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, etc.) characters.

Error code:7D8F9ED2
Unable to open file. table "xxxxxx" does not exist.


  • Tableau Desktop 2020.1, 2020.2
  • SAS file


1. Change the file path of the statistical file into all ascii characters (alphabet, numbers, etc).
e.g. C:\datasource\test1.sav

2. Use Tableau Desktop 2019.4 or the versions earlier.


This issue is related to the third party library used in Tableau Desktop 2020.1 and later. It is under investigation by Tableau development team.
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