Tableau Mobile AppConfig Does Not Pass Configuration Values

Published: 25 Nov 2020
Last Modified Date: 26 Nov 2020


When customizing Tableau Mobile with AppConfig the AppServiceHosts key does not pass the URL values to the mobile device. Device logs show the follow message:

[INFO] [MDM SETTINGS]:  Found AppConfig params but didn't find AppServiceHosts, ...


  • Tableau Mobile 2020.2.5
  • Microsoft inTune


Check and remove the trailing whitespace after the parameter key.


The Appconfig key parameter had a trailing whitespace.
Tableau does not trim any trailing whitespace and will result in the configuration not getting passed to the device. 

Additional Information

The whitespace will show in the device logs and will be after the parameter key like the following example:

[INFO] [MDM SETTINGS] The settings from MDM provider are: {"AppServiceHosts ":"http:\/\/"}
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