Running Upgrade Script "upgrade-tsm.cmd" Failed Due To "Invalid Topology" Error

Published: 26 Nov 2020
Last Modified Date: 27 Nov 2020


Upon running the upgrade script, the upgrade failed at around 27% and "invalid topology" error prompts.


  • Tableau Server


  • Option 1: Un-applied Topology configuration exists. Please discard or apply the topology configuration before running "upgrade-tsm.cmd" script.
            1. Check the current un-applied topology configuration by running "tsm pending-changes list".
            2. If topology changes exist, discard or apply the change by the following commands.
                               tsm pending-changes discard
                               tsm pending-changes apply
            3. Re-run the upgrade script if nothing shows up by running "tsm pending-changes list".
  • Option 2: If the topology information is related to Tableau Prep Conductor, and the topology configuration still exists after trying Option 1. This topology configuration information can be discarded by deactivating the Data Management Add-on product key.       
          1. Confirm the Data Management key by running "tsm licenses list".
          2. Deactivate this key.
                 Online: Deactivating a Tableau Server Product Key
                 Offline: Deactivate Tableau Server Offline
          3. Restart Tableau Server by running "tsm restart".
          4. Re-run the upgrade script.
          5. After finishing the upgrade, please activate the data management key again.
                 Online: Add Capacity to Tableau Server
                 Offline: Activate Tableau Server Offline - Adding a License



Unapplied topology configuration changes still exist before running the upgrade script.
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