No Tasks on Schedules Page in Tableau Online

Published: 27 Oct 2020
Last Modified Date: 09 Dec 2020


The Schedules page shows 0 tasks for schedules that were previously used, and no existing refresh tasks are visible on the Schedules page in Tableau Online.


  • Tableau Online
  • Custom Refresh Schedules


Use the Tasks page in Tableau Online to manage extract refresh, subscription, flow, and alert tasks. The task list can be sorted by schedule and schedules can be changed for multiple tasks simultaneously through the Actions menu.


Prior to October 2020, all refresh tasks were tied to pre-set Tableau Online schedules. With the release of custom schedules, tasks are now managed on a per-task, rather than shared schedule basis. 

Additional Information

Any tasks that were configured using the pre-set schedules were moved to the Tasks page with the same schedule name as individual tasks.
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