Error Message: "Exceeded the maximum number of cursors allowed to be open concurrently"

Published: 13 Jul 2015
Last Modified Date: 05 Aug 2015


When you open a workbook with multiple worksheets connected to Amazon Redshift, the following error might occur:
[Amazon][Redshift ODBC] (30) Error occurred while trying to execute a query: ERROR: exceeded the maximum number of cursors allowed to be open concurrently. Analyze the current state with stv_active_cursors and the current configuration via stv_cursor_configuration, and consider decreasing the value of the max_cursor_result_set_size configuration parameter to increase the degree of parallelism.


  • Tableau Desktop 9.0
  • Amazon Redshift


Tableau Desktop 9.0 initiates multiple parallel connections when communicating with a data source. In some cases, if enough requests for data occur simultaneously, you might encounter a limit that Amazon Redshift places on the number of cursors that can be in use at the same time.

Additional Information

By default, the parallel query limit for Amazon Redshift is set to 2, which is significantly less than the limit for other data sources.
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