'Error Code:621E4DE8,OPERATION_TOO_LARGE: exceeded 100000 distinct' appears when connect Tableau Desktop to EmailMessage object in Salesforce application

Published: 12 Oct 2022
Last Modified Date: 01 Nov 2022


"Error Code:621E4DE8, OPERATION_TOO_LARGE: exceeded 100000 distinct ids" appears when connecting Tableau Desktop to the EmailMessage object in a Salesforce application.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep Builder


After the Salesforce admin grants the View All Data profile permission on the EmailMessage object to the user's Salesforce account, the user is able to connect Tableau Desktop to the object EmailMessage, and can create an extract.


In the Salesforce account setting, the user account that connects Tableau Desktop to Salesforce, has no View All Data profile permission on the object EmailMessage.

Additional Information

To check permissions for the object EmailMessage, log in to the Salesforce Lightning version.  In the Salesforce Account Settings, start with reviewing the profile of the user:

Go to Apps > Object Settings > Email Messages
Go to System > System Permissions > View All Data
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