What Is the Contents in Tableau Desktop or Tableau Prep Logs Folder

Published: 26 Aug 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


What are the contents in Tableau Desktop Or Tableau Prep Logs Folder?
How can I read them?


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Prep


Here is an overview of each log:

Tableau Desktop

1. log.txt(The same applies to log_1.txt, etc.): 
  • Tracks the application process (tableau.exe).
  • Contains the most useful timing information for actions taken by the user.
  • Contains valuable environmental information about the user’s computer.
2. tabprotosrv.txt / jpprotocolserv.txt:
  • Logs of the connections to data sources. It contains detailed data connection-specific information and queries.
  • tabprotosrv.txt: The log for ODBC connections, etc.
  • jpprotocolserv.txt: The log for JDBC connections.
3. hyperd.txt:
  • Logs of extract activity. 

Tableau Prep 

1. app.log:
  • "Frontend" logfile. (Prior to 2019.1.1 these logs were contained in ui_###.log.)
2. preprestapi.log:
  • Backend logs for the Java process that hosts rest API.
3. log.txt
  • Backend logs for prepservice.exe.
4. hyperd.log
  • Logs of the hyper instance.
5. backendProcessManager.log
  • Logs of the backend process manager. 
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