What Are The Differences Between "show Tabs" And "hide Tabs"?

Published: 01 Oct 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


What are the differences between "Show Tabs" and "Hide Tabs" upon publishing the workbook?


  • Tableau Server


With the "Show Tabs/Show Sheets as Tabs" option:
  • The metadata of all views are loaded in one bootstrap session when a view is opened. It might impact the performance of loading the workbook if there are a lot of sheets.
  • Permissions of all views are controlled at workbook level.
  • Navigations between tabs using Filter Actions can be achieved within the same browser tab.
With the "Hide Tabs" option:
  • Only the metadata of the target view is loaded when the view is opened.
  • Permissions can be set at view level.
  • New tab will be opened when navigating between tabs using Filter Actions.

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