Viewing Tableau Server Environmental and Configuration Values

Published: 04 Apr 2014
Last Modified Date: 16 Apr 2021


How to check the current values of Tableau Server environment variables.


Tableau Server


Current Tableau Server configuration settings can be reviewed in the tabsvc.yml and workgroup.yml files. The location of these files depends on whether Tableau Server uses tabadmin or TSM:

For Tableau Server for Windows versions 2018.1 or earlier (tabadmin)

The default locations are:
  • C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\config\tabsvc.yml
  • C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\config\workgroup.yml

For Tableau Server for Linux, all versions, or Tableau Server for Windows versions 2018.2 or later (TSM)

There are copies of these configuration files for each Tableau Server process. The default locations are:

  • (Windows) C:\ProgramData\Tableau\Tableau Server\data\tabsvc\config\<process>\
  • (Linux) /var/opt/tableau/tableau_server/data/tabsvc/config/<process>

The value of individual configuration keys can be found using these commands:


tabadmin get <configuration key


tsm configuration get -k <configuration key>

Note: The tabsvc.yml and workgroup.yml files should only be used to verify the environmental variables. Editing these files manually is not supported and could result in damage to the Tableau Server installation. This is especially true with versions using TSM. All changes should be made using either the tabadmin set commands or the tsm configuration set commands. For TSM, configuration may be performed under other TSM commands. For example, many configuration options relevant to SAML can be set with the "tsm authentication saml configure" command.
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