Viewing All Tables in the Connection Dialog Box

Published: 27 Mar 2014
Last Modified Date: 21 Nov 2017


How to view all available tables in the connection dialog box.


  • Tableau Desktop 8.1 and later versions


Option 1

In the Salesforce Connection dialog box, select Single Table > Add Table.

Option 2

If the table to which you wish to connect is a custom table, in the connection dialog box, select Single Table instead of Standard.

Option 3

Tableau leverages the various APIs to connect to data. These services have restrictions on the type of data and the amount of data that you can access at a given time. To access all available data, ensure the following is enabled on both your company's account and your user profile:
  • SOAP API for signing in.
  • REST API for getting meta data.
  • BULK API for downloading objects.
  • REST API for downloading objects that the BULK API does not support.
  • Replication SOAP APIs for retrieving changes in the data.

Additional Information

  • By default, the Standard connection option in connects to a list of predefined standard connections and will not show all available tables in the data base.
  • In the user interface, Task and Event records are collectively referred to as Activities, although there is no data table or set of records within named Activities. For example, Tasks is typically available in the Standard table drop-down list when connecting to and will show you the activities related to tasks.
  • See Data Model in Salesforce Help for a list of all Standard tables.
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