Using the Exclude Button in Tooltip to Apply to Other Sheets on a Dashboard

Published: 05 Oct 2022
Last Modified Date: 05 Oct 2022


When clicking on the Exclude button in a tooltip, how to apply this selection to other sheets on a dashboard?

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  • Tableau Desktop 


In the following example, you are excluding the selected "Region".

1. Connect to Sample-Superstore data.
2. Drag Region to Columns and Sales to Rows.
3. Drag Region to Color on the Marks card.
4. Click on Tooltips on Marks and make sure the Include command buttons is checked.
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5. Rename the Sheet 1 to Sales.
6. Duplicate sheet Sales and rename the new sheet to Profit.
7, In sheet Profit, drag Profit onto Sales on the Rows shelf.
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8. Drag Region to Filters and click OK.
9. Right-click on Region on Filters and select Apply to Worksheets > Selected Worksheets.
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10. Select the sheet Sales and press OK.
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11. Create a dashboard and drag sheet Sales and Profit to the canvas.

Pressing the Exclude button in the tooltip will exclude the selected region from both sheets.
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