Using Parameters to Convert a Date Filter to Show Different Date Terms

Published: 27 Apr 2023
Last Modified Date: 02 May 2023


How to convert a date filter to allow selection of month/quarter/semester/year?
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  • Tableau Desktop 2021.3 and newer
  • Windows 10
  • Excel


The solution posted here and in the attached package workbook (see "Attachments" to the right of this text), is to use parameters to convert a date filter to allow the viewer to select different date terms such as month, quarter, semester, or year. 

1. Create a parameter with the name Term as shown below:
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2. Create the following Calculated fields:
1) name: TS_month
value: STR(DATEPART('year', [Order Date])) +"Y-"+ STR(DATEPART('month', [Order Date]))+"M"
2) name: TS_quarter
value: STR(DATEPART('year', [Order Date]))+"Y-"+STR(DATEPART('quarter', [Order Date]))+"Q"
3) name: TS_semester
value: IF DATEPART('quarter', [Order Date]) < 3 THEN STR(DATEPART('year', [Order Date]))+'Y-Semester 1' ELSE STR(DATEPART('year', [Order Date]))+'Y-Semester 2' END
4) name: TS_year
value: STR(DATEPART('year', [Order Date]))+"Y"
5) name: TS_termfilter
value: IF [Term]="month" THEN [TS_month]
ELSEIF [Term]="quarter" THEN [TS_quarter]
ELSEIF [Term]="semester" THEN [TS_semester]
ELSEIF [Term]="year" THEN [TS_year]
3. Drag Ship Mode and Segment to Columns and Sales to the Rows.
4. Right-click Term and select Show Parameter.   
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5. Right-click TS_termfilter and select Show Filter.

6. Change Term to select month/quarter/semester/year filters. 
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