Using 'OR' in Join Clause in Tableau Prep

Published: 13 Dec 2019
Last Modified Date: 07 Apr 2021


How to use 'OR' in the join clause. For example: select * from Sheet1 join Sheet2 on Sheet1.A=Sheet2.A OR Sheet1.B=Sheet2,B 


  • Tableau Prep Builder


  1. Connect to Sheet1 and to Sheet2
  2. Join Sheet1 & Sheet2 by dragging Sheet 2 as a Join to Sheet 1. 
    • The inner join should show: Sheet1.A=Sheet2.A 
  3. Join Sheet1 & Sheet2 by by dragging Sheet 1 as a Join to Sheet 2. 
    • The inner join should show:  Sheet1.B=Sheet2.B 
  4. To remove duplicated records, filter Join 2 by the calculation: NOT [A]=[A-1]
  5. Union Join 1 & Join 2 by dragging Join 2 to Join 1 as a Union.
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