Using Japanese Postal Codes

Published: 10 Dec 2015
Last Modified Date: 03 Jan 2019


How to use Japanese postal codes in Tableau Desktop.


Tableau Desktop 


Option 1

Since Tableau Desktop 2018.2, you can now use geocode common geographies and detailed 7-digit postal codes for Japan. Upgrade to Tableau Desktop 2018.2 or a later version to take advantage of this new feature. For more information, see Upgrading Tableau Desktop in Tableau Help.

Option 2

Tableau Desktop recognizes only the first three digits of Japanese postal codes. The following instructions demonstrate how a calculated field can be used to display only the first three digits of a seven-digit postal code.  
  1. In Tableau Desktop, connect to a data source that has seven-digit Japanese postal codes.
  2. In the Data pane, right-click the postal code dimension and select Change Data Type > String.
  3. Click Analysis > Create Calculated Field and create a calculated field to split the first 3 digits from the remainder of the postal code. For example: 
    LEFT([Postal Code],3)
  4. Right-click the new calculated field and select Geographic Role > ZIP Code/Postcode.
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