Use Combined Set To Select Items To Be Excluded From The View

Published: 03 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 06 Mar 2023


How to select values from Category to exclude them from the view?


  • Tableau Desktop


1. Right click Category, select Create > Set...
2. Edit the Set as the following:
Name: Category Set_Use all
General tap: Use all
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3. Right click Category again, select Create > Set...
4. Edit the Set as the following:
Name: Category Set_Exclude
General tap: Select from list > Furniture
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5. Right click Category Set_Use all, select Create Combined Set...
6. Edit the combined set as the following
Name: Combine Set
Sets: Category Set_Use all / Category Set_Exclude
Select: "Category Set_Use all" except shared members
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7. Add Combine Set to Filters
8. Right click Category Set_Exclude, select Show Set

Select values from the Category Set_Exclude, confirm the selected values will be excluded from the view.
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