Upgrading Tableau Server in Amazon Marketplace (AMI)

Published: 05 Apr 2016
Last Modified Date: 20 Jan 2019


How to upgrade Tableau Server installed in an Amazon Marketplace instance?


  • Tableau Server
  • Amazon Marketplace (AMI)


It is not possible to perform an in-place Tableau Server upgrade in AMI. In order to upgrade Tableau Server, a new instance of AMI, with the desired version of Tableau Server, will need to be procured.
  1. Review the Pre-Upgrade Checklist and ensure that a current backup has been created.
  2. Start the new instance of AMI, with the desired version of Tableau Server.
  3. Restore the backup on the new instance. For more information, see Step 3 of New Machine Upgrade - Migrating Existing Content in Upgrading Tableau Server.
  4. Verify that content restored successfully.
  5. Decommission the previous instance.
Note: If a newer version of Tableau Server is not available in AMI, upgrading to that version is not possible. Contact Amazon to determine when newer versions will be made available.
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