Uninstalling Multiple Versions Tableau Desktop From Command Lines

Published: 29 Nov 2019
Last Modified Date: 29 Nov 2019


When uninstalling Tableau Desktop using command lines, an installer file (containing the version number, such as "tableauDesktop-64bit-2019-4-0.exe" for Tableau Desktop 2019.4.0) is required. 

In the event where the major update version number that needs to be uninstalled is unclear, is it necessary to have an installer file for all major versions?


  • Tableau Desktop 10.4.7, 10.5.4,  2018.1.1 and later
  • Windows


First install the latest version of Tableau Desktop with the REMOVEINSTALLEDAPP option, then, uninstall the latest version:
  1. Get the latest version of Tableau Desktop from Product Downloads and Release Notes.
  2. Install the latest version of Tableau Desktop with command lines.
    Example: tableauDesktop-64bit-2019-4-0.exe /quiet /norestart ACCEPTEULA=1 REMOVEINSTALLEDAPP=1
  3. Confirm all older versions are uninstalled except the latest version.
  4. Uninstall the latest version.
    Example: tableauDesktop-64bit-2019-4-0.exe /uninstall /quiet /norestart
  5. Remove all unused folders according to the steps in Completely Removing Tableau Desktop.

Additional Information

  • Installing Tableau Desktop with the REMOVEINSTALLEDAPP option removes all versions of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Reader versions 9.3 and later. To remove versions 9.2 and earlier, you will need to uninstall them manually. 
  • REMOVEINSTALLEDAPP is not available on the Mac.
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