Unexpected Values from Dataset Containing Special Characters in Tableau Desktop

Published: 24 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 18 Jan 2019


When connecting to a dataset containing special characters, Tableau Desktop does not show the expected values.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Spatial Files


Verify that the encoding type (also called character set) is appropriate for the dataset being used. You might need to switch to UTF-8, AINSI, LATIN1, LATIN2, etc. If in doubt on how to proceed, please contact your database administrator. 
  1. If using the Text file connector, this can be set on Tableau Desktop itself it. Just adjust the 'Character set' value in Text file properties. For more information, see Text Files in Tableau Help.
  2. As an alternative solution, use a TDC file to set the 'Character set' value as needed. For example, in a TDC file : 'Character set' = 'source-charset' - here is a TDC script example used for Statistical files:
<connection-customization class='stat-direct' enabled='true' version='9.1'>
     <vendor name='stat-direct' />
     <driver name='stat-direct' />
        <customization name='source-charset' value='UTF-8' />
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