Unexpected Results When Running or Rolling Total of Another Calculation

Published: 26 May 2017
Last Modified Date: 31 May 2017


When creating a rolling or running total of another calculation then the results may not be the expected results. Typically this issue occurs when the nested calculation is non-additive, like a ratio.


Tableau Desktop


Wrap each piece of original calculation in a table calculation.

For example, the following calculation:
WINDOW_SUM( SUM( [Profit] ) / SUM( [Sales] ), -11, 0 )

Would become:
WINDOW_SUM( SUM( [Profit] ) ), -11, 0 )
WINDOW_SUM( SUM( [Sales] ), -11, 0 )

Additional Information

When the entire profit ratio expression is wrapped in WINDOW_SUM(), then Tableau Desktop will find the profit ratio for every partition in the view and then total together the profit ratios for the rolling 12 partitions.
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