Understanding Red Exclamation Marks in Tableau

Published: 20 Jul 2017
Last Modified Date: 03 Jan 2019


Information about the red exclamation marks in Tableau Desktop and Tableau Bridge, and how to resolve them. 


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Bridge


Red exclamation marks will appear when something is invalid. Hover over the red mark to view the exact error. Such exclamation marks can occur in the following scenarios.
  • A calculated field is invalid. For more information, see "Create or Edit a Calculated Field" in Tableau Help.
  • A field no longer exists after you connect to a new data source. For more information, see Edit Data Sources in Tableau Help.
  • You are working with pivots and a red exclamation mark appears next to a field. See the section "Troubleshooting pivots" in Pivot Data from Columns to Rows in Tableau Help. 
  • When using a cross-database join, the join keys do not match . For more information, see the section "Broken cross-database joins" in Troubleshooting Joins in Tableau Help. 
    • Note: the red exclamation mark will also appear if no join can be used or if the data source has been removed after performing the join.
  • You are unable to perform a refresh with Tableau Bridge. For more information, see step "3. Embed database credentials into the connection information" in Use Tableau Bridge to Keep Tableau Online Data Fresh in Tableau Help. 

Additional Information

Hover over the red mark to understand what is invalid. 

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