TSM Provides An Error When Running "tsm settings import" After Recovered From An Initial Node Failure

Published: 02 Apr 2021
Last Modified Date: 05 Apr 2021


How to import the original topology and configuration json backup file to the multi-node Tableau Server deployment after recovered from an initial node failure?
When running "tsm settings import" to restore the original topology and configuration JSON backup file, TSM provides an error.


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  • Tableau Server


Option 1
1. Get the current node IDs for each node in the cluster.
tsm topology list-nodes -v

2. Manually edit the original JSON file and update the node id accordingly.
For example, in the following topology, update the ID of node1 to node2, and node1 to node4.
Original: node1 (initial node), node2, node3
Current: node2 (initial node), node3, node4 (original node1)
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Option 2
Configure topology and set individual keys manually. For more information see Configure Nodes and tsm configuration.

Additional Information

  • After recovering from an initial node failure and added a new initial node (or the original node) to the cluster again, the node id will be changed. You will need to manually update the node id in order to successfully import the JSON file in its intended state.
  • During deployment, setting with JSON files is more convenient.
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