Troubleshooting General SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse Issues

Published: 14 Oct 2016
Last Modified Date: 19 Jan 2019


How to troubleshoot general SAP BW issues.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse


  1. Tableau communicates with the SAP BW server using the MDX query language through the OLE DB for OLAP provider. The MDX queries that Tableau submits are logged in a file called log.txt, usually located in the Tableau Logs folder.
    • By default, this folder is located in C:\Users\<user_name>\Documents\My Tableau Repository.
  2. While connected, if Tableau receives an error message back from the SAP BW server, it will also be logged in the log file.
  3. If you experience issues that are not covered in this article, consider a few tools listed below that may be useful to help you and your SAP administrator isolate the cause of any errors or issues.
  4. Use transaction MDXTEST.
    • The MDXTEST transaction is a useful tool for debugging MDX issues, syntax errors, server errors, and performance concerns. Since the transaction runs natively in SAP BW, this helps narrow the source of the problem to the SAP BW server because it removes Tableau and the OLE DB for OLAP provider out of the equation. If you notice an error in the Tableau log file for a particular MDX query, or would like to test the performance of an MDX query that appears slow, or validate the output of an MDX query issued from Tableau, you can copy and paste it from the Tableau log file into the MDXTEST transaction and determine if the SAP BW server is the source of the issue.
  5. Reproduce the issue in a different tool.
    • Sometimes it is useful to see if the issue also occurs using another tool, such as BEx Analyzer. Using another tool like BEx Analyzer helps eliminate Tableau or the OLE DB for OLAP provider as the source of the problem. If you need to investigate issues such as determining if accessing a particular InfoProvider is slow or understanding an error message you receive when attempting to use a BEx Query, you may consider reproducing the issue in another tool to help narrow down the source of the issue.
  6. Reproduce the issue in another tool that uses the OLE DB for OLAP provider.
    • If you believe you have eliminated the SAP BW server as the source of an issue, you can try to reproduce it in another tool that uses the OLE DB for OLAP provider. This can help further narrow down the issue to the OLE DB for OLAP provider or to Tableau. For example, it can be helpful to connect to SAP BW from Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables, without using the BEx Analyzer plug-in. For detailed information about how to do this, refer to a tutorial on Simba website.
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