Tracking Previous Workbook Names on Tableau Server

Published: 21 Nov 2017
Last Modified Date: 16 Jan 2019


As a Tableau Server Administrator, how to get a record of all previous names for a workbook and see who changed them on Tableau Server.


Tableau Server 10.5 and later versions


  1. Download the attached workbook Workbook Rename History Sample.twbx using Tableau Desktop 10.5 (or a later version.) 
  2. Update the data source connection so that it connects to your Tableau Server Repository. For details, see Collect Data with the Tableau Server Repository in Tableau Help.
  3. Use the “Workbook Id” filter to search for the workbook of interest.
  4. Note rows where the “Workbook Name” field changed, and identify who changed it by looking at the “User Name” field.
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