Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool Reporting Different Network Utilization Percentage than Other Tools

Published: 17 Sep 2019
Last Modified Date: 18 Sep 2019


Why does the Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool report a different network utilization percentage than other tools, such as Task Manager?  


Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool 


Averages do not match other tools: 

The Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool averages the value over a period of 60 seconds. Other tools may average over different lengths of time. 
For example: 
On Server1, you copy a large file from 8:09:45 until 8:10:15 and Task Manager reports 12% utilization for those 30 seconds.  You might be surprised to see only 3% reflected in Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool.
Within Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool's 60 second window,  there was 45 seconds of 0% utilization and 15 seconds of 12% utilization, resulting in an average of 3% utilization for the window.

Maximum does not match other tools:

The Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool collects this value using Windows Management instrumentation. We use the value returned from Win32_PerfFormattedData_Tcpip_NetworkInterface's CurrentBandwidth. 
For example: 
A virtual adapter reports a speed of 10Gbps to Windows, but is running on hardware that only supports 1Gbps.  Because the value returned by the system is 10Gbps, Tableau Resource Monitoring Tool will use 10Gbps as the maximum speed.

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