Tableau moving to 24 month Support policy

Published: 30 Sep 2021
Last Modified Date: 31 Jan 2023


Beginning with 2021.4, Tableau is moving from a 30-month support policy to a 24-month support policy for all products. All new versions will have 24-months of support provided by our Support organization including the availability of maintenance releases. For currently supported software versions 2020.4.x - 2021.3.x, our Support organization will continue to provide the original 30 months of support assistance to customers*, with maintenance releases available for 24 months from the original release date for each version.

*As of February, 2023 the Support Services page has been updated to reflect our new Technical Support policy, which outlines that all versions of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server received 24 months of maintenance and full support, followed by a 12-month window of limited support including only documentation clarification and limited assistance in troubleshooting issues encountered when upgrading to the latest version of the product. This ensures our Support windows match appropriately with the development cycles available to support them. 


  • All Tableau products 2020.4.x and later


In order to receive Support and product updates for your installation of Tableau software, upgrade to a supported version at least once every 24 months. We recommend upgrading at least once every 12 months to take advantage of new features and product improvements.
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