Yubikey Authentication in Tableau Desktop to Server/Online

Published: 01 Oct 2021
Last Modified Date: 01 Oct 2021


Users who are using Yubikeys for MFA may report one of the following issues when attempting to login to Tableau Server or Tableau Online:

Versions using QTWebEngine 5.10 
After sign in to the account the may see:
"Yubikey is unsupported please select alternative method of authentication"

Versions using QTWebEngine 5.15
After sign in, a loading circle will appear with no error message and no prompt to enter the key into the machine as expected.


  • Tableau Desktop all versions
  • Yubikey authentication
  • macOS 10.14


For Tableau Versions using QTWebEngine 5.10:

Users may select an alternative login method if available. Should there be no alternative method, the Yubikey will need to be removed from the account and sign in. (Please refer to your internal IT team.)

For Tableau Versions using QTWebEngine 5.15:

Users can enter the key in the machine to authenticate (press the button looking like a key). Although we never see the prompt, the authentication is successful as expected.

Additional Information

Yubikey uses an external pop-up from the browser. These external pop-ups appear to be unsupported in the embedded window and do not display inside the login window either.

For more information on Yubikey, see Yubico  
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