Tableau Content Migration Tool Is Unable To Save Embedded Passwords Without Additional Steps

Published: 05 Apr 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Tableau Content Migration Tool is unable to save embedded passwords without additional steps.
How do I update my password without multiple steps with the Tableau Migration Content Tool? 


  • Tableau Content Migration Tool


  1. Open Tableau Content Migration Tool.
  2. Connect to the Desired Servers for Source and Destination.
  3. Go to Selection and pick the desired workbook.
  4. Go to Workbooks / Data Source Transformations.
  5. Add Transformation - Set Connection Info and Edit.
  6. Select the Connection Type then go to "New Connection Values" tab.
  7. From the Drop-down for Tableau Authentication, select "Embedded Password".
  8. Input the username and password to their respective fields.
  9. Go to Run Migration - Save Plan and Run. 

Additional Information

Additionally, you can update the Schema among other options within this step.
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