Tableau Cloud MFA (multi-factor authentication) FAQ

Published: 31 Aug 2021
Last Modified Date: 02 Aug 2023


Tableau Cloud MFA (multi-factor authentication) FAQ


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Q1. Where to find public information about Tableau Cloud MFA requirement ?
All public information can be found below. most of questions are already answered in below documents. please review these documents before raising tickets to Tech-support.
Q2. How to meet the MFA requirement ?
  • For SSO authentication (such as SAML, Google, Salesforce), enable MFA function with your identity provider (idP). Please consult your IT team or identity provider (idP)
  • For Tableau ID authentication, utilize our new authentication type, “Tableau with MFA”. Refer to Multi-Factor Authentication and Tableau Cloud
Q3. Is MFA required for single sign-on (SSO)?
Yes, When SSO is enabled, customers must enable MFA with their identity provider (idP). 
refer to Is MFA required for single sign-on (SSO)? 
Q4. can we use SMS, Email or Phone call methods for MFA ?
SMS, Email or Phone call methods are not supported.
refer to Can we use email, SMS, or phone calls for MFA?
Q5. What is Best practices for site admin accounts ?
Q6. How are embedded views impacted by MFA? 
Users that are not already authenticated with Tableau Cloud will see a "Sign In To Tableau Cloud" button and will authenticate and complete MFA verification in a separate window. 
For options to bypass the login prompt, see Embedding Tableau Cloud Dashboards into a Website without Prompting for Credentials
Q7. What is Recovery Code ? Is it able to use recovery code as normal daily login method ?
Do not use recovery code as daily login method, because it is a list of ten one-time use codes, should be used as backup method when in a locked-out scenario.
refer to About recovery codes
Q8. How to use recovery code to login to Tableau Cloud ?
(For Salesforce Authenticator)
in the Salesforce Authenticator APP, Select [did not receive the notification]> [Choose another authentication method]> [Recovery code]. Enter any unused recovery code out of the 10 recovery codes and click [Validate].
Q9. What happens if we can't meet the MFA requirement deadline?
refer to 
What happens if we can't meet the MFA requirement deadline?
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enforcement Roadmap
Over the next year, we will incrementally remove the plain “Tableau" auth type from Tableau Cloud, so that customers will only be forced to use MFA if they are using native Identity/Authentication functionality. Please see The MFA Enforcement Roadmap for the latest projections on dates for enforcement. We suggest to start preparing for MFA enforcement now, and encourage customers to reach out to their Account Managers with any questions.
Q10. What do I need to do with other Tableau products in order to use the new "Tableau with MFA" authentication type?
  • Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, Tableau Bridge
Please upgrade to  2021.1+ versions
  • tabcmd
Please use PAT(Personal Access Token) in the tabcmd command-line utility version 2.0.
About tabcmd 2.0 version, please refer to tabcmd .
  • Tableau Prep Builder command line
Tableau Development team is actively working on solutions.
Note: if change user account's (which is used in scripts) auth type to "Tableau with MFA", these scripts will fail to login to Tableau Cloud and causing run failure.
please use PAT(Personal Access Token) to login to Tableau Cloud.
refer to Signing In and Signing Out (Authentication) and Make a Sign In Request with a Personal Access Token
Q11.  We don't have Mobile phone, can we use desktop or browser-based TOTP authenticators?
Desktop or browser-based TOTP authenticators is allowed.
As a best practice, we recommend using mobile authenticator apps. But if a TOTP desktop authenticator app or browser extension is the only option that works for your users, you can satisfy the MFA requirement with these types of methods.
refer to Can we use desktop or browser-based TOTP authenticators?
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