Tableau Bridge Pool Allowlist Registry Mapping for Local Files

Published: 28 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 02 Aug 2023


How to map files on a local drive to a Tableau Bridge pool using the allowlist registry


  • Tableau Bridge
  • Excel or text file (e.g. .csv)
  • Windows


Step 1: Specify the UNC file path and republish the data source using Tableau Desktop on the Tableau Bridge computer:
a. Open Tableau Desktop, and click the appropriate connector, such as Microsoft Excel (under Connect).
b. Select the directory path at the top of the Open dialog and enter the path in this format: \\localhost\c$\my_dir.
c. Select the file and then click Open.
d. Under Connection on the Data Source page, select the 'Extract' radio button.
e. Navigate to Sheet 1. In the Save Extract As dialog, select the desired location for the .hyper file and click Save.
f. Right-click the data source in the Data pane > Properties. In the Connection Properties dialog, verify that the File Name value shows the UNC path. 
g. Republish the data source to Tableau Cloud.

Step 2: Add a domain for local files
a. In a browser, sign in to Tableau Cloud using your site admin credentials and go to the Settings page > Bridge tab.
b. Under the Private Network Allowlist, click the Add New Domain button.
c. In the Domain text box, enter localhost. Ensure the Allow radio button is selected under Domain permissions, select the correct pool. Click Save.

Note: If there is only one Bridge client in the pool, using the computer name in steps 1b and 2c would work too. To check the computer name, open the System Information app and look for the System Name under System Summary.
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