Syncing a Quick Filter With a Filter Action

Published: 14 Mar 2017
Last Modified Date: 25 Jul 2018


How to sync a quick filter and action filter which apply to the same dimension. 


Tableau Desktop


Step 1: Create the Dashboard

To follow along with the example, either download the attached sample workbook (Sync_Actions_QuickFilters.twbx) and skip to Step 2, or open Tableau Desktop, connect to Superstore sample data, and create the following views: 
  1. Select Worksheet > New Worksheet.
    • Name the worksheet Map. 
    • Place State on Detail.
    • Place Profit on Color.
    • Place Sales on Size. 
  2. Select Worksheet > New Worksheet.
    • Name the worksheet Products.
    • Place Sales on Columns. 
    • Place Department and Category on Rows.
    • Place Profit on Color.
  3. Select Worksheet > New Worksheet.
    •  Name the worksheet Trend. 
    • Place Quarter(Order Date) (Continuous) on Columns. 
    • Place Sales on Rows. 

Step 2: Create the dashboard

Note: If you follow the below steps using the existing workbook, some steps may already have been completed. 
  1. Select Dashboard > New Dashboard 
  2. Drag the Maps, Products, and Trend worksheets to the dashboard. 
  3. Select the map view, and from its drop-down menu, select Use as Filter. 
  4. On the map view, select a state to activate the filter. 
  5. Select the Products view, and from the drop-down menu, select Filters > Action (State)
  6. The Action (State) filter will appear at the right, showing a list of states with check boxes. 
  7. On the Action (State) filter's drop down menu, select Apply to Worksheets > Selected Worksheets. 
  8. Select all sheets except the map view that you are using as a filter. In this case, select Products and Trend. 
  9. Now when you select a state, the quick filter will update so that the selected state(s) show a check mark. 

Additional Information

To view Step 2 in action, see the video below.
Note: the video has no sounds. 
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